The void
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2003-03-10 13:40:56 (UTC)

Naughty girlie

iv'e been very bad again. i decided not to go to my
keyskills lesson this morning, because i wanted to sleep
instead.tut tut me bad girl.
i cyber married maz last night hahahaha! it was soo funny!
olly and dawn wanted me too!(dawn only wanted me for my
have to back into college and face all the people that were
at the collective on friday night. they all think that me n
sam pulled one another.we could have but we are good
friends so we didn't.i don't know weather to say anything
to her or not.we'll see.i'll keep you posted ma diary old
buddy old pal.
stu and stace are leaving aol. that means buffy chat just
won't be the same. their reasons for leaving? they don't
get along. pathetic i many people decide to leave
aol all dramatically like it's going to achieve something
when really they'll get another net service and the same
fucking thing will happen! poor mazzy, they are two of her
best much for thinking of her feelings.
i'm talking to the pretty girlie from orpington again.she's
kinda seeing they guy from my philosophy class so i aint
got a chance there hehe.ah well.
i better make a move now.i'm meeting skye at 1:45pm.