My sexuality - 18 Rated
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2003-03-10 11:56:13 (UTC)

A submissive

I've also been surfing the net looking for a suitable
working girl to meet. I would like to meet Sarah again but
for one it costs £300 for two hours plus a hotel bill. I'd
kind of prefer to meet a girl at her own place to reduce
the costs and complications (spending a night away and
finding a hotel where Sarah could visit without raising

I've been looking at the excellent Punternet site with
working girl reviews. The trouble is that 'punters' have
very different expectations. I need the experience to be
as 'loving' as possible but those type of experiences are
more likely to occur the more money I pay. Catch 22!

One fantasy I've been warming to is finding a submissive or
dominant woman. Being dominated has never appealled before
but it could be stimulating. I would be happy to have my
backside hit with a riding whip (or similar) but it would
have to be before I went away. The marks on my ass would
have to mend before I saw my wife again. However, I would
also want the dominant lady/girl to be kind (not one of
these hardened bitches who is only interesting in hurting
blokes). I wwould want her to be hitting me for my
pleasure, not hers, and I would want some form of sex

Alternatively it would be nice to meet a girl/woman who
truly enjoys have her backside hit. There would be no
point if I wasn't giving her pleasure. Afterwards I would
like to kiss her better and hope that she was keen for me
to make love to her. I guess such a girl could be
described an a nymphomaniac and such a girl's enthusiasm
for me and my cock might ensure I didn't have stiffy

Other things that appeal are analingus both ways. My butt
hole is nice and sensitive and I'm sure I'd enjoy it. It
would be nice to find some who also did but the person's
hygiene levels would have to be assessed.

Finally I return to the suject of anal. I'm getting more
accustomed to the idea of poking someone there. However,
they would have to be very keen (rather than persuaded).

I just wonder if a few hours with someone with a very high
sex drive, but considerate, under the influence of Viagra
might mean most of my fantasies are fulfilled in one go.

I'd love to hear some positive feedback. Stories? Ideas?
Help with Viagra or contacts?

MESSAGE ME PLEASE! I need to feel loved :-)