My sexuality - 18 Rated
2003-03-10 11:31:21 (UTC)

2002 sexual encounters

After my experience with Sarah last March I've been through
my usual phases of needing something more than 'home sex'
and others where I'm completely happy. I suspect when my
wife and I are enjoying relatively regular sex then I don't
have a problem. At the moment my desires are raging.

Anyhow, over the last year, since the night with Sarah in
Manchester I've had two more encounters. Once, when
working in the Far East I was put under pressure by a
couple a girl in the hotel bar. For once I went to the bar
when I was travelling alone. Of course the usual tactic of
sitting with me and chatting was employed and I didn't turn
her away but when she sharted talking about having sex I
tried to resist. Generally Asian women aren't my type but
she persisted and somehow I succumbed to being taken by her
and her friend to their flat. Well, I knew the dangers but
I had become horny at the thought of having a threesome. I
went to my room and limited the amount of cash I took and
off I went. Well, first of all I wouldn't recommend going
to a working girls flat in S.E. Asia. They're not the most
celubrious of places and can be very hot due to the lack of
air conditioning. Anyhow, I ended up with both girls on a
bed with one either side sucking my nipples whilst wanking
me. It was nice but I struggled with my erection but did
come. Afterwards they both begged me to fuck them but I
wasn't in the mood in the slightest. I think I need
tenderness when I'm having sex for me to 'mentally' turned
on. Well, that was the end of that and I can't imagine me
ever finding an Asian working girl who would have the right
persona for me to consider making love to her. Saying that
I've started to wonder whether I should be considering
Viagra. I'd prefer to try some from the black market to
see how good it is before considering approaching my
doctor. I hope that if I could get some I'd have the
erection of a stallion and the staying power of a porn
star. You see I do live in fantasy world. If anyone knows
how to get me some without my doctor/wife knowing then I'd
really appreciate it.

Okay, so I've also talked about the possibility of being
gay before. I don't think I am but after only three gay
experiences I can't really tell. My last experience was
last summer and it was a disaster. I contacted someone
through and we met one morning.
unfortunately he was just after a good bang and was quite
brutal to my ass. I was quite sore and didn't enjoy it.

However, my thoughts have once again turned to gay sex. I
think it's because it's easier to get without paying for
it. Anyhow I've found another attractive guy who wants to
meet but I'm trying to get some information from him to try
and determine his preferences and if we might be sexually

My problem is that it's going to be very difficult to
engineer a meeting. I will not allow my wife to even think
I'm might do such a thing.