Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-03-10 11:08:13 (UTC)

at peace

Gab wrote me the most beautiful letter tonight. It touched
me so deeply. Nobody has ever wrote me or said anything to
me that has touched me so deeply. I really appreciated it
so much. Thankyou Gab, you mean a lot to me. Don't get me
wrong, this doesn't mean that we're gonna be running back
into eachothers arm any time soon. But yeah, it gave me
such apeace.. it was the last bit of strength that I needed
to go on with my life... I am so grateful to her for all
the good things that we had together. But I suppose my new
life starts arround about.... now! Uni was very cool today,
Everybody in my class is becoming really good friends, we
have lot's of fun togetehr.. I'm starting to become pretty
good mates with Phil, he's a great guy. oooh that remeinds
me, Philyo, (Me old Philyo) Sent me an interesting message
tis evening it read like this "Hey Grogan. How are ya? Uni
is pretty fun. Tonight there is a halls swimming carnival.
I am doin' da fiddy fly (fifty metres butterfly) I'll call
ya wen I win!" Man Philyo is a legend, the best fried i
ever had. Good ol boy, i gotta call him very very soon..
tell him about everything and let him do likewise. RIght
now I'm listening to Ben Harper "I'll Rise", I wrote the
lyrics to this song up in my last entry.. feel free to have
aread.. they are good! Well That was my Day (oooh yeah plus
I ran into Renee and Michael at Uni.. nice to see them and
talk a bit)... bless you all. Goodnight.

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