My sexuality - 18 Rated
2003-03-10 11:07:17 (UTC)

Fantasy filfillment

Well, a year has gone by and I once again feel the urge to
put my thoughts in writing. First of all I'm going to post
my transcript of what happened a year ago just after my
last posting. I was away on business and engineered a
night away. I then paid quite a bit of money to meet
a 'top class' escort (Sarah from Manchester) from

I arrived at the hotel at about 9.30pm. It cost £195 (3-4
times what I would normally pay for a room) and the suite
had a separate lounge. Unfortunately the TV reception was
poor and the porn movies were very tame and flickered.
First of all I couldn't find an ice bucket so I used a vase
to fetch some ice from the machine near the lifts. I then
put the champagne, which was the most expensive Tesco's
sold at about £29, in ice. I used the shower, with its
detachable head to give myself an enema. It's an
unpleasant business but it was appreciated later on. I
then had a bath and a shave. I didn't want Sarah to have a
problem with a ticklish chin. It was then about 10.15 so I
rang Sarah. I got a standard BT answer service so I rang
again to make sure I had rung the correct number. I then
got dressed, deciding to wear a shirt, tie and suit and
paced around a bit waiting for a return call. Just before
11pm, out agreed time, I rang Sarah again and thankfully
she answered. She hadn't received my voicemails and had
presumed that the night wasn't on. She said that she would
be at the hotel in 15 minutes. I was a little concerned
that she may have switched off for the night when I'd
failed to make contact earlier and may be unable to
rediscover her enthusiasm.

Sarah rang me 10 minutes later on the hotel phone to
confirm she was about 10 minutes away. I guess she was
also just checking that I was genuinely where I said I
was. I then opened the bottle of champagne and poured
myself a glass. I remembered just in time that I was going
to wear my contact lenses and then there was a knock at the
door. I opened the door to find a very attractive, smartly
dressed woman. I invited her in and she went and sat on
the settee. We chatted for a moment and I asked her if she
wanted a drink. Sarah asked for water but I said there was
some champagne. She accepted and I went to fetch it from
where the bottle was cooling in the bathroom sink. When I
returned we chatted and Sarah said how she'd been in
Leicestershire with her family at the weekend and she'd got
absolutely blasted on the Saturday night. The worst she'd
been for about 10 years. Unfortunately it was Mother's Day
on the Sunday and she had to meet up with a lot of the
family again for lunch. She went on autopilot, just about
managed to get some flowers from a garden centre and then
had to endure the rest of the family downing alcohol

Sarah then offered to go get changed and I just agreed. I
thought she looked stunning in her skirt and top and would
probably have preferred her to keep them on for the time
being but I couldn't help but agree with her. To my
surprise, and I don't know what I expected, she came back
in just her bra, panties, stockings and suspenders.
Unfortunately the stockings were tan and not the black ones
I had expressed an interest in. Maybe I hadn't been
forward enough in my requests. Sarah asked if the heating
could be turned up, which she attempted, but I think it was
the fan that got turned up and that probably had the
opposite effect. Anyhow, Sarah came and sat on my right
knee and started to stroke my chest through my shirt. She
then unbuttoned it a little and continued inside. As I
gained in confidence I lowered my hand onto her perfect
little bum. There wasn't an ounce of fat on Sarah and it
was incredible to have someone so attractive giving me such
attention. We french-kissed and after a while Sarah's
positioning gave me the opportunity to explore her a bit
better. Her legs had parted a little and I rubbed her
mound through her black lace panties (which can be seen in
the website gallery). I then pulled the
crotch of her panties to one side and my index finger found
her clit to massage. This seemed to be appreciated so I
continued to tease her clit with my thumb whilst sliding a
finger up and down he slit. Sarah slipped her bra off to
reveal the most perfect breasts I ever witnessed, not just
in the flesh. They weren't large but Sarah is definitely
not flat chested. They were a perfect hand full and her
beautiful nipples were lovely and pointed, especially after
I gave them some attention. After a while and the addition
of some of my saliva I slid Sarah off my knee and into the
armchair we'd been sitting in. I dropped to my knees and
continued to use my fingers, thumb and tongue on her
primary erogenous zones. I had a terrible problem with the
champagne repeating on me so I recommend others to use non-
sparkling wines. Sarah seemed to be enjoying herself and
her hips slid forward on the leather of the chair. After
ensuring she wasn't going to slide completely off the chair
I continued until Sarah let out some moans and started to
shake. As my limited experience suggests that a woman's
clitoris goes hypersensitive at this stage I stopped
touching it but Sarah shook for what seemed like ages.
Eventually Sarah looked at me and said it was my turn to
sit in the chair.

I was still mostly dressed and after Sarah went to get a
condom she started to kiss and caress me. We removed my
jacket and eventually my shirt. Then it was one of the
highlights when she gave my nipples some attention. I'm
not quite sure whether it was tongue or teeth that got me
going but there was a certain technique that was ecstasy.
I groaned and pushed my groin up into her body. One thing
I did say to Sarah at this time was that I would like to
see her eyes. In the main she, understandably, worked on
me with her eyes closed. It was nice that she did start
flashing her eyes at me but I'm not sure how much she would
have appreciated it. After some delicious attention to my
nipples, and some groin attention that didn't particularly
have the desired effect, we retired to the bedroom.
Sarah's knees had been hurting on the wooden floor. Sarah
climbed into the bed after throwing the cushions onto the
floor. I removed the remainder of my clothes, leaving them
on the floor and climbed in beside her. We kissed, cuddled
and generally carried on where we left off in the living
room. Sarah then started to lick and suck my testicles.
This wasn't as great as I thought it might have been but
after some attention to my cock I was just stiff enough to
place a condom on. Sarah did this and then proceeded to
give me a blowjob. She was good. There was no sign of
teeth and after a while the suction meant I was about to
cum. I did and then we held each other for what seemed
like ages. A couple of times Sarah asked if I was okay and
I said "Yes". I guess she was maybe referring to my lack
of a proper erection. I'm pretty used to the inconsistency
of my erections so I wasn't too perturbed and just asked
Sarah if she was okay. She naturally replied that she
was. Without knowing what to say next we lay there for a
while. Eventually I asked if Sarah wanted a drink. She
asked for water and I poured us both one.

I climbed in bed, somewhat on the edge and we talked a
bit. I asked what she was thinking about when we were
laying together. This threw Sarah a bit. She was a little
concerned she had maybe fallen asleep as she said she had
the masculine trait of feeling tired and falling asleep
after cumming. I told her she hadn't fallen asleep
although I think she may have been close as she asked me to
repeat one of my questions to her. I knew the question I'd
asked was maybe a bit personal but I wouldn't have been
offended if she'd said she was on a desert island, in her
own bed or marrying a millionaire. I'm very realistic
about things, that may often explain the erection problems,
but I feel sex should be unpretentious. There is no way I
could be anything other than myself, not that I can most of
the time, and the conversation was maybe just an extension
of the laying bare of oneself to another. Maybe I'm just

We chatted for a while and Sarah came across for a cuddle.
Then she said she'd brought the nurse's uniform and asked
if she should change into it and maybe give me a massage.
Once again I was happy for Sarah to take the lead. She
actually had a shower prior to changing and then came back
in the plastic nurse's dress. It had a zip front and her
breasts were nicely on show. Sarah then showed me the toys
she had brought. First there was a small cat-o-nine-tails
type whip. She said she didn't know if that was my thing.
Then she showed me a gag fastens at the back of my head and
a strap-on dildo. I think that was all but my eyes lit up
at the sight of the dildo and her comments that this was a
lot of men's fantasies. She asked if I wanted the gag on
and I had no objection. The fact was that I would try
anything once. Anyhow Sarah fastened the gag in place, a
little loose if anything. It didn't do anything much for
me, one way or the other. Then I was asked to lie on my
stomach. Sarah gave me a short back massage but the lotion
she used didn't seem to help too much and by this time I
had no tension in my back at all. Maybe my shoulders and
neck would have appreciated some work but they weren't
approached. Then Sarah squirted some lube down my bum
crease and started working my anus with the strap-on. I
guess it was strapped round her at this time but I couldn't
see. After a while Sarah got the cock inside me and
started pumping at me. Unfortunately the pumping wasn't
that stimulating and when the cock slipped out I took the
opportunity to turn round onto my back. I really wanted to
see Sarah whilst she pumped into me. I lifted my ass and
presented it to Sarah. She inserted the cock and the
position worked much better. Not only could she pump
deeper I could see Sarah as she did this. It was very
enjoyable and my cock got reasonably hard. As she pumped
into me Sarah started to wank my cock and after a while I
came all over my chest. It was good and I look forward to
having a cock, plastic or real inside me soon. After Sarah
helped clean the cum up we sat chatting. Sarah did say
that I must be the cleanest bloke she knew. I didn't fully
understand but she was referring to my ass when she shagged
it. I confessed that I had a wash out prior to her
arrival. I sat crossed legged on the bed whilst Sarah sat
with her nurse's outfit zipped down to show her naked
breasts. We chatted for quite a while. Sarah works for a
bank providing university students with all the necessary
banking functions. She says she's one of three but there
is a chance of one position being made redundant. She says
she might volunteer because the other two are devoted to
the job. She is good at it but not devoted. She also
arranges hospitality functions once a month or so as a
sideline and would like to do this full-time. She has in
the past but 18-19 hour days. I think 18-19 days took their
toll. She would like to get involved in Formula One but
Dr. Jonathan Palmer has that one tied up. Racecourse
functions are an area Sarah has got into. She has also
been offered TV work, acting I think, but because of her
escorting she has had to refuse it. Her parents would be
mortified if they ever found out and there would be a good
chance that if she appeared on TV someone would try to
spoil things. We also discussed customer service levels at
hotels and in restaurants. After a while Sarah exclaimed
about the time, which was 1.30am, two hours after we'd
started and I think she asked if I wanted her to leave. I
said it was up to her as she had real work, not a
presentation to attend, in the morning. I asked if she was
tired and she said she was. I was a little disappointed
but it was only fair that she went. She went into the
bathroom and quickly got dressed. I got £100 to give to
her as a tip. She asked me if I was sure when I gave her
it and of course I was. Unfortunately circumstances meant
it wasn't realistic for her to stay longer. I hope one day
to have the pleasure of her company for a lot longer. She
kissed me before leaving.

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