Inside A Mind Full Of Imagination
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2003-03-10 08:56:46 (UTC)

I'm giddy Sorry, I'm just really excited...

I know I haven't done an entry as much as I should, but I'm
going through some medical (it's not exactly problems)
things because I'm gonna have an operation in about a
month. So I have to have these checkups and all, and I've
had a few problems in the past, true, (anemia-don't quite
know how to spell it, and i had a heart murmur when i was
little). So I had a blood test today and pretty soon, I'm
gonna have an ECG. So yeah...
Well, regarding my diary entry title, I am kindda giddy.
The other day I just started chatting to this guy I know,
who hardly know me even though I've seen him a few times,
and... I dunno. I guess we kindda hit it off because he
made me laugh most of the time. Well, that actually
includes making me laugh while we talked on the phone. And
in a way it was kindda weird for me, 'cause here's a guy
who hardly knows (and seen) me, whom I've had a crush on
him for a while and is now talking to me and taking an
interest in me. I was pretty surprised when he asked for my
number that first night we chatted and when he actually
called, wanting to talk.
Anyway, he's actually friends with a close friend and he's
also of my best friend. We've been talking at night, and
last night he called me up late, while I was still awake
and reading, and we talked for 2 hours or so. I would've
talked longer but, I think he was falling asleep and I had
an early doctor's appointment this morning.
Then today we got to chatting again, and even after I told
him that I'd had a crush, I feel really comfortable
chatting to him. I know it's different since chattins means
you can't see the other person, but it was pretty cool
between us still. I mean, ever since we started chatting,
we just made each other laugh and we still do.
Then yesterday, while we were in our family friend's house
playing bingo with them for fun, I just started to have a
nagging feeling but didn't know what it was. It was that
every time I thought of our late night conversations (and
him too) that the nagging grew. Later on, I actually
realized that I really, really couldn't wait to talk to
him. I was looking forward to it and... I was probly
I know its still early to tell where this... start of...
er... friendship is going, but I can't help but feel...
weird. I don't know, it's like my chest (i think it's more
like my heart) kindda feels big or swollen... Ok now, I
think I'm embarrassing myself. But I can't help think and
hope that he might be the guy for me. It's just so fun
talking to him. I know, I know... I'm not gonna keep my
hopes up and I won't 'cause for one thing I don't wanna get
hurt and second thing... i don't know a second thing. We
just have so much in common that I don't know any other
reason why it may not work out that way. I don't know, But
I do know one thing. I'd like to keep this friendship
forever if that's what wants.
Well anywayz, I better log out. I got some assignments to
do and I'm just drifting (and trying to distract myself
from thinking about him and a possibility that we could end
up together), so I'm gonna go do my assignments now to
distract myself... Ciao!!


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