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2003-03-10 07:30:47 (UTC)

*JuSt WoW*

ok yea its now Monday (techincally seeing its after
midnight)and I havent written in this for a week so lemme
tell u about this whole week....this whole week I
practically chilled with Emily, and she is on probation
now , I cant stand them pigs(cops) and I hate her rents
like as much as she does they are so gay even my dad said
they are too strict on her...well how about a lil over a
year ago this guy Josh asked me to marry him while we were
broken up and the only reason we were broken up is because
he moved 30mins away from me and we have no ride to see
eachother,gay huh? hes too lazy to get his license and I
have had my permit for 6 months but im waitin till all the
snow is gone to get my license, I dunno why but I am...well
anyways back to him, while we were broken up he got a
girlfriend and was with her forever but was still telling
me he loved me and then I didnt talk to him for like 5
months... well I started talkin to him about 2 weeks ago
and he got AOL a few days ago and he goes into the same
chatroom I do and he tells everyone im his wifey lol and
this guy was like making faces kissing me in the chatroom
and Josh told him to back off haha I never did stop liking
that guy ;] ... I just like basically said fuck Bobby, him
n his girl r breakin up I guess LOL hes so dumb!......I had
a job interview at McDonalds on Thursday , shyt I dont care
where I work as long as its a job they told me to call
Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3pm...oh and them guys that tried to
start with my brother last weekend...well...they tried this
weekend too and where we were..they got KICKED OUT! but
only cuz my crew started wit them.. so my crew got kicked
out too..... Oh well shyt happens eh?.... my friend Jess's
phone got shut off and that is a major bytch so now I can
only talk to her when she is at Kristas or Karens , I
talked to when she was at Karens today and she is gonna
call me from a payphone 2morra cuz we might go to tha mall,
fun fun ;] .... I was so0o0o0o0o st0n3d last nite... but
yes that is all.