Michelle's Journal
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2003-03-10 06:00:06 (UTC)

Stupid People

I have decided that there are way too many stupid people
who exisist on our planet. It really bothers me to see that
most of these ignorant people can get whatever they want
out of life. For example, I have a friend named Wendy, whos
not the brightest crayon in the box and yet she manages to
get everything she wants. Its not only that, but its the
fact that she never has to work for anything she gets
either. While, here I am, trying my hardest to accomplish
my goals and not getting anywhere. I just feel like giving
up sometimes, but I know that by doing that it wouldnt
solve anything. At least when I'm trying, I know that I did
motivate myself to work towards a goal. Weather I
accomplish that goal or not is not the issue, its the fact
that I did indeed try.

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