lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-03-10 04:02:44 (UTC)

i love my aunt...

because she's been in a mental institution twice.

MAN! that's one for the quote page...which i really need to update,
so britt, send me quotes. yeaaah. megan underlin is sooo cute.
we've been talking a lot lately and it's fun. she's good stuff. plus
she bought me coffee, and anyone who gives me free stuff gets 10
points in my book.

this weekend was really good for us, i'd say. we actually DID stuff
every day. not too much parking lot action, ya know?

went to dinner @ texas cattle co.
meg, mal, me, chris, kevin, and joey
best quote of the night:
"what are you? four years old?!"
"just threeeee"

went to westlake and chilled, then got dessert in camarillo
meg, mal, anna, brian, matt, joey, brian, and me
best quotes of the night:
"oh, look, it's 'homeschooling today'. let's join the hunt for clayton
"let's play the clutch game"

went to the beach!! yay! i haven't been there forever and it was
way tight off the shizzle and whatnot.
me, brian, megan, joey, eddie (all in my car), meghan, britt, julie,
lisa, courtney, nicole, teresa
best quote of the day:
"it's totally gross when all the mexican guys are like...well...i mean.
oh, never mind." and other assorted things from megan. wah ah