UnBrEaK My HeArT
2003-03-10 03:17:07 (UTC)


I havent written in this for a while. I just got my
message from Macks and it meant the world to me. Its
friends like her that make life worth living no matter
what. Lives been fun lately. I think I lost one of my
closes friends though. He was suppose to come over last
weekend and never came. I havent heard from him since. I
dont think thats ever a good sign. The old Megan would
dwell on it but Im not. I called him and left a voice mail
but thats all I am going to do. Or can do. This weekend
was fun. I spend almost all my time living at my aunts
house. I guess its because its never boring over there.
With all the people theres always something to do. Im on a
massive hunt to get the Disco D CD i want. Im going to get
it tomarrow. I got my prom dress and graduation dress
tonight. That was exciting. There exactly what I wanted
them to be. I cant wait. Now all I need is that perfect
Prom date to go with it.....
Luv ya