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2003-03-10 02:37:24 (UTC)

poison hearts will never change

Today (sunday) i sat at home all day... it was very boring
but when i woke up i turned on the tv and within an hour
one of my favorite movies as a child was on. LAND BEFORE
TIME! that movie is so incredibly sad. but it reminded me
of the "circle of life" (no "lion king" reference) like
everyone dies and if you dont do what your heart tells you
all future outcomes will be different. so when you have a
feelign you should/shouldn't do something you should do
whatever feels right. sounds corny but heh i was bored

sat peter and i hung out all day. at first we went to park
ave. cds and then back to his house. we watched this less
than jake movie with music videos, interviews, live songs
and some random stuff too, but it's two hours long so once
we watched it we were like let's go do something. so we
decide let's go to the mall! we go there, walk into a
store (fye) and then try to remember if we locked the car
so on our way back to the parking lot we pass by the
smoothie place...we couldn't resist so after picking up
two smooties we decided to go to borders to read some
magazines. earlier we had called everyone we knew and of
course they were busy. so at borders we looked at/read
some magazines and then came back to my house. then jsut
hung out and talked about bands. not like bands you go see
but bands we've been in/are in. mainly him telling me
stuff i didnt know about his band
(cutaway...www.cutawaymusic.com....it's ska) and me saying
how much i wanted to start a band. well it was better than
not talking and overall wasn't that bad of a day.

today, like i said, i did nothing. so right now i'm
chilling on the online scene. if that doesn't spell Loser
than i dont know what does. oh well.

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