Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-03-10 01:30:06 (UTC)

Guys night out

Last night us Pacifiboys and our other male friends had the
1st "Guys night out" it was so much fun. Just being stupid
and hanging out. I'd tell you about all that went on but
then I'd have to kill you. But everyday something happens
to make me realize how lucky I am. And that was one of
those things. I hope I get to see plenty of people at the
show tomorrow and even more on the 22nd. I love playing
shows and I have been working on some new moves that i
can't wait to try out. anywho well i amout for now...
movie-I haven't seen a new movie in a while but jon and I
were just watchin end of days
book-namedropper-emma forrest
cd-switchfoot-new one