*Jill's Thoughts*
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2003-03-10 01:14:45 (UTC)

*First TimE In A LONG time*

Man .. It is March already Almost Spring break and I WANT
to start writing in this hting cuz its awesome to look back
on your old writings.

I love tyler so much. He is the world to me and we've been
through so freakin much. He wants to go on a break since
we've been fighting so much but a break is like running
away from your problems. As soon as were together again we
will have the same ones! The same thigs that i LOVE about
him i hate. Why is he So god damn stubborn?! UGh! I wrote
a poem to him....

As the day's pass us by
I think about the times we have cried
over then love the hurt the guilt and the shame
we always make It through the pain.
People look and judge what they see
"Tyler dump her, shes not the girl we want her to be."
I know I've made some mistakes, large and small.
But I will try to be the girl i was and overcome this wall.
I love you tyler, no one will ever know
How much u mean to me, theres parts i don't show.
So read this knowing it is from my heart
without you i would fall apart.
I love you.

GOd please don't take him away from me i truly believe we
are for eachother. Sole mates u might say.. Why else woudl
we keep on ending up together?

I hope he calls tongiht adn we can work everything out all
i want is to be HAPPY .. and the only way i am happy is whn
we aren't fighting.

Well, I'm out .. iwill talk to you later kids PeacE!