ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-03-10 01:10:54 (UTC)

screw lent

so much for happy birthday. stupid bitch has to always
tell me what a screw up i am. fuck her. i hate her so
much. i can't talk to her without her telling me at least
once that i'm not doing what i'm supposed to. 'you're here
to study not have fun.' stupid bitch. sorry, i like being
sane. no matter what i do, itz not good enough for her.
hello, we're not in a third world country. things can
happen here. and just because i get in trouble once
doesn't mean that i'm screwin' myself over academically
cuz i'm not. god i hate her so much right now. she thinks
that i need to be doing here is studying. no. if i do that
i'll end up in the hospital. i can't stand her. nothing i
do makes her happy. she likes to rub it in my face that i
messed up. makes her feel better about herself. stupid
bitch. i hate her i hate her i hate her. just because adam
spikes his hair doesn't make him a punk. he just wears it
that way. i don't give a shit about her opinion of him cuz
we're going to prom and if we become more than friends
she's not going to stop me. she's controlled mylife too
long. i am not a little girl anymore. 17 doesn't
mean 'little girl' anymore. i know she's pissed at me. and
i don't care. i'm not going to stand there and let her
tell me that i'm GOING to be back at stratford bcuz i got
in trouble once. my grades are straight A's. fuck her.

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