mOi LiFe...
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2003-03-10 00:25:25 (UTC)

I wish I could forget...

I know that i won't be able to do this from the day the
accident took place upon one of my aunts. It took place
about 8 years ago, when i was only 7 years old. That day, i
went home from school and found my mom, covering her face,
and sitting quietly at the corner of the sofa in the living
room. My house was very quiet on that day. Being a 7 years
old girl, there's nothing that appeared on my mom except
that the truth that my mom was tired. I continued the day
as how i usually did. At about evening of the day, around 5
pm, my maid entered my room to help me to change out.
Thinking that my family was going out for a ride around the
town. She dressed me up in white.( I used to hate white
colour because i thought that it got dirty very easily). I
refused to until she forced me to sit on a chair and she
tied up my hair nicely in white ribbon.

I walked don the stairs of my house and to find out that my
whole fasmily had been waiting for me at the living room.
They were all dressed in white. I started to forget about
the refusement of wearing white shirt, since my whole
family wears white. In the car, I asked my older brother,
who was 10 at that point of time, on where were we going.
He told me that we were going to visit our aunt. The
situation in the car was very peaceful, without any words
that's usually uttered by the whole family, or even the
Jazz radio channel which my Dad loves so much. Upon
arriving at a building, I somehow thought that it was a
shopping mall or something like that until i went inside to
find lots of patients there, which is a hospital.

My parents hold our hands tight and rushed to a small room
in the second floor. By the time we reached there, my mom
broke into tears,

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