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2003-03-10 00:21:39 (UTC)

Entry One

March 09, 2003 - 6:15 PM

"Dear Diary",

What a cheesey phrase, ''dear diary''. It makes my skin
crawl, so, I'm never going to say it again, even if I'm
being sarcastic.
My name is Kristi, and I live in a ditch in the United
States of America, currently being run by the most idiotic
man alive. Almost. On March 21 I'll be 15 years old. I am
so speshul. I have long dark brown hair, blue eyes that
change colors very often, and I'm tall. Go here:
http://profiles.yahoo.com/willow6852 to see the majestic
creature that is me. *hopes you can pick out her sarcasim*

I have a boyfriend named Josh, a best friend named Holly,
and a truck load of problems/oddities.

On Friday, I went with Holly and her Mom to see ''How To
Lose A Guy In 10 Days''. It SUCKED HAIRY ASS! I seriously
wanted to smash my face into the wall, I'm not joking.
Then we went back to her house and we stayed up until
(probably) 1:30 AM, until her Mom wanted to go to sleep and
made us go upstairs to Holly's room. We didn't talk a whole
lot before going to sleep, we both were a little bit tired.
Yesterday, we went to my ''house'' because she didn't
want to go to Home Depot with her Mom. So she spent the
night, we stayed up untl 3:30 AM watching Tom Green,
Jackass, and some other shit until my Mom harrassed us for
being awake. Not much until now, where I'll actually talk
about things that matter!

I'm on Yahoo talking to Andrew, one of my friends from
the UK. I love him like a brother, as strange as that may
be since I am mildly attracted to him. He's a really sweet
guy, I love him so much! *hugs him*
Oh yeah, my boyfriend! *laughs* I really love him, a lot,
and I'm a little bit scared that because it's a long
distance relationship and his sister is always online, that
it won't last.
Josh is most likely (99% lol) coming up to visit me with
his Dad this summer, and I can't help but imagine one of
those romantic movies, you know, it's one of my
fantasies... I guess...
To have him take my hand and walk with me through the
forest, in the rain or on a sunny day with the birds
singing, to have him lay down with me on the grass below an
apple tree with pretty blossoms, to hold me in his arms and
kiss me softly.
To have him tell me he loves me, to make love to him, to
trust him more than I've ever trusted anyone.

While all this is true, I want to bang Jeff Barrett in
his Jeep Cherokee, lmao.

But that's just my "raging hormones" at work...

Anyhoo, I'm going to start walking again, everyday after
school, two miles a day, then more once my stupid weak feet
and ankles get stronger. So that's the plan. I'm too lazy
to type more, so, g'night.

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