2003-03-09 23:37:55 (UTC)

thank you baby for everything

ok i know i have not been writing in this lately and i'm
sorry to all who r interested in my life and what goes on.
this entry will be things that i'm thinking, feeling, and
need to say. i hope this doesn't freak u out any but i
thought u might like to know. baby first of all i just
want to thank you for everything u've done, r doing, and r
going to do for me, i don't know what i would do without
u. i love you sooo much baby and nothing will ever change
that. i also want to thank you for reminding me to make
some time for myself. i know i haven't been lately and
that i should. i missed u so much this weekend. it hurts
not being able to be with u or talking to u everyday. my
days just rn't complete without u in them somehow. no
matter what i do, u always seem to come to mind. i'll be
listenin to music and start to picture u or wonder if u'd
ever listen to the song or i'll be picking out an outfit
to wear and wonder what u'd think of it and the look on ur
face when u see me in it. i love how my life feels whole
since u entered into it. i never want to lose that feeling
or u. i need and want u in my life until the end of time.
i've never had feelings anywhere near these feeling i have
for u. these feelings r so awesome i can't even describe
them. i know u and i r going to share many wonderful
memories and create incredible moments. i know i can tell
u anything and normally i wouldn't open up easily to
someone but u make me feel so comfortable with u. u r my
rock baby and i couldn't never thank u enough for that.
altho, i did pick up something incredible for a birthday
gift for u since ur bday is coming up, just to say thanks
for everything. the song "marry me" by amanda marshall
explains exactly how i feel for u. u make me want to be
the best woman possible and just for u. i believe u
deserve the best. i can't wait to meet ur family and
friends hunny. i wanna know what made u the way u r and i
have to remember to thank ur parents when i meet them for
bringing up such a wonderful man. i know i've been really
busy lately but i've still been thinking a lot about what
i want outta life. which brings me to this...ok so i’m
gonna do something weird and here it goes, damian i know
how much u love me and that u know i love you with all the
love in the world, and i never want to lose u. u’ll be the
perfect husband and the best dad ever. and ur kids will
brag to all their friends about how awesome their dad is.
and i would love it if u could do that with me, be the
father of my children and my husband. damian, will you
marry me? I’m not joking either, i’m being extremely
serious. this is a lil hard for me to do since we haven't
known each other very long but i know ur the one for me,
we were meant to be together. plz don't let this scare u
away. i know this is all a lil weird but my life wouldn't
be the same without u. thank you soooooo much for