molly the undead

you THINK you know...and you probably do
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2003-03-09 22:02:13 (UTC)


Goddamn i'm bored. Mother hasn't been to work in over 3
weeks, i swear to god, if she doesn't leave the house soon,
i'm gonna launch this computer at her head.
Yesterday i hung out with Alina, we just went to the mall,
nothing exciting. Mother gave me $40 for a haircut...she
says she'll pay for professional haircuts if i stop cutting
it myself...hahaha. So i went to Bubbles, and this chick
fucked my hair up completely. She cut it all weird, it's
too long in the front and the back's all weird. And to top
it off, she put so much damn wax in my hair, it's gonna
take weeks to get it all out. Now my bedsheets are all
greasy, and i'll probably get horrible, horrible acne.
Bubbles will feel my wrath.
On the bright side, school is almost out...only about 2
months left. I'm hoping to god i got accepted to work at
Adeline records for the summer. If i go to California, i
seriously doubt i'll ever come back. Fuck college, i'll be
a hobo with a very own scabies race track. It's
the next big thing i tells ya, i'll make millions.

Long live sexually transmitted diseases.