Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-03-09 18:49:34 (UTC)

I'm planning my future as we speak

I have been looking on all kinds of websites and on Vegas
and I think I have found some great things. I am so ready
to go. In May I'm heading out there to look around. In
just under 2 months I will be there looking around. I
CANNOT wait. I also was feeling down last night so I went
out and had way too much to drink and flirted and felt good
about myself a bit, but then I remembered how much I hate
the mindless party life of stupidity around here. I need
to be a real town , not this crappy little two-bit shit
hole. Oh well, only a bit longer. Hell, even Dad is
backing me in my move. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Well, off to read and rest. NO work today... yeah...


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