Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-03-09 17:50:39 (UTC)

Ooh, Aren't Drunken People Disgusting?

So, after this, I hear some stomping about upstairs, and
call out to my housemate, you know, to see if he's
alright. He groans, and I think, 'Well, he'll regret that

Regret what? The entire upper floor of the house, duvets,
pillows, beds, sink and toilet are covered in vomit.
Neither of our bathrooms could be used until 4 o'clock,
and worst of all, the housemate who wasn't him, went
upstairs, thought it was a bit odd that his door was open,
walked in, and HIS bed was covered in vomit, with a
crippled drunken student.

He slept downstairs, on the sofa.

My part in this? It was my birthday, so I stayed in, and
did not much.

WILT? Well, it should be Passionoia by Black Box Recorder,
but I keep not quite pushing 'Play'.