Anrui Kurayami

Kurayami's Tears
2003-03-09 17:23:56 (UTC)

God, I'm bored...

Well, the title kind of tells you what i'm on about.
Basically, I'm bored, and I felt like writing another
entry. so :P

What've I been doing today? Hmm.... well, so far, I've been
recovering from the sleepover last night- three of us slept
over at Cat's house [me, Suiren and Possom], and we watched
Jeepers Creepers. It was pretty minging, but not all that
*scary*. The song was freaky "Jeepers Creepers, where'd you
get those peepers...". It makes me shudder. I nearly
downloaded it from KaZaa, but I know it'd just freak me out
so bad i'd feel as if that.... thing was behind me. The
ending is fairly crap though, very lame.

Apart from that, i've been helping Suiren come up with a
pen name for her art. No thoughts on that so far...

It's not fair, her parents take her art seriously. My
parents think I have a 'talent' for storywriting and
poetry, but they've hardly even read any, and my mum won't
until I publish it, apparently. not that i want her to,
that much. My novel is all about a girlgang of older
teenagers who are pretty much all sluts. It's really good,
and maybe I'll explain it someday. my poetry is all
personal, I'd give you a link to read it, but i'm scared
you'll know me or something...

I've also been reading lots of those yaoi [boy-love &
fucking] stories today. Mostly Gundam Wing Heero and
Quatre, but i also read a quite good Seifer/Squall of FF8.
One of the Heero/Quatre's was so sweet and happy I started
crying. I'm wondering whether to watch my yaoi video i
downloaded, Level C. Suiren says its really good. I'm just
scared of my parents walking in.

i have a scene from "Ai No Kusabi" [another yaoi]
called "just the sex" downloaded, and one time, when me,
Cat, Suiren, the boy cat is obssessed with and Suiren's
boyfriend were here, I played it by accident. Even though
it was gay, the boys were watching it with a kind of sick
fascination. it was really funny, me and Suiren pissed
ourselves laughing. it was in Japanese [subtitled english],
but the meanings were pretty clear anyway! Cat was pretty
disgusted, but she took it well considering.

I hope I manage to keep this diary up. it's quite
interesting to write what I want, what i can never say
aloud except to Suiren, ya know?

oh well, Mata Ne!
~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxox