Anrui Kurayami

Kurayami's Tears
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2003-03-09 17:22:50 (UTC)

Getting to know me....

I'm thirteen years old, and Anrui Kurayami is not my real
name. However, its the only one you will get. I don't need
my friends to read this and find out things about me that
I'd really rather not have them know.

Lets start at the very beginning [a very good place to
start, i know]. I have longish brown hair, about shoulder
length, green-grey eyes that change colour, pale skin that
makes me look aenemic, I'm tall and I've got a bigger chest
size than most girls in year nine. Great. I'm also the
youngest, because my birthday is in the summer holidays. I
wear glasses that everyone politely tells me makes me
look 'intelligent'. Right. Just because I can get straight
A's in exams and I only have average looks doesn't mean
a swot. Actually, i don't even revise at all.

I have two best friends i would trust with my life, you can
know them as Suiren Koikomoru and Cat. Suiren has a
boyfriend, who she is obsessed with, and Cat is obsessed
with a boy who can't make his mind up. I have no boy,
because only a fortnight ago, i was dumped. Lovely.

I read a lot of books, and i spend a lot of time on the
computer. I'm actually trying to write a novel, and Suiren
is illustrating it in the anime style. She is very good at
manipulating photoshop to colour her line-art, so
everything turns out something to be proud of.

So far, life hasn't been too great, but its getting better.
I go to a private school, so when I moved there I left all
my friends behind to go to the local comprehensive. it took
me two years to make friends, and during that time, i was
bullied, suicidal, and I self injured enough so i have a
few deep scars left on my left arm. Fascinating, i'm sure.

Yes, I am always this sarcastic.

I used to be a ballerina, before my knees were ruined and I
can no longer dance or do much sport. Despite that, i still
do my karate with Suiren. I plan to enter the world cup
this year, and I am a blue belt in the GKR style.

But I'm not really your average teenager. For a start, what
female teenager you know watches gay anime porn [hentai],
reads gay NC17 stories about cute boys from various popular
animes banging each other and falling in love.

....precisely. None, or at least, not very many.

It's very hard to hide it from my friends and family, and
sometimes I say things that make it sound suspicous. But my
mum and dad believe that most of the time, all I do on the
computer is go on [which is a laugh, because
that is written hentai central!] and write innocent little
stories. I would never tell them, it would shock them far
too much. Suiren is my partner in crime- she downloads
real porno from kazaa!

I also write those stories about cute guys banging each
others brains out. XD

So, you could say i'm a strange girl.

Oh yeah, I've hardly mentioned my family yet. Well, my
sister is busy, playing with my ex-boyfriends girlfriends
little brother, on MY playstation, in MY bedroom.

She is nearly nine years old, and you can know her by the
name Soyokaze. yes, all japanese and from my story. She can
be cute, and protective, and of course I love her to bits,
but she can be a pain.

My dad is just my dad. I ride on the back of his motorbike
with him, and someday i will have my own. Dad is really
clever, and funny.

My mum is a pyschiatrist [sp?], and I don't see her so
often. She is clever too, but she can be awful. i think the
whole family except dad has inherited an agression problem
from her.

My hobbies apart from watching gay porno is listening to
JPOP, wishing I was home in Wales [did i mention I was
welsh], generally goofing off.

Mata ne!
~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxox