Restless Comet Diary
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2003-03-09 15:40:08 (UTC)

Hole Hole Hole Hole

Weeee!Hello there!

I'm particularly cheerful today.I did something I might
regret later but now I dont and I'm kind of proud of it.I
pierced my left ear.My grannie will freak out but this is
not important.It's my body after all.They did this to my
ears when I was only 2 months old without asking me.What
wrong about having one more hole now?It doesn't look bad at
all^.^ least that's my opinion.
It was kind of painfull...I shouldn't have done it myself
coz it started bleeding but I didn't find anyone that could
do that.My brother could but he is not here now.I remember
when he pierced his nose hahahaha.My mom didnt let him keep
the ring there so he doesnt have the hole anymore but he
was so funny trying to convince her change her mind.
Today as I was thinking I recalled every single person I
met in Canada and realised I miss them so much.Those were
the nicest people ever.....
Well so tomorrow its a new school day.I'm wondering what
will my teacher say..hehe

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