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today is the greatest day
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2003-03-09 12:41:34 (UTC)

It's Over

How could somebody who I loved so much hurt me so bad? How
could she have done this to me? She doesn't care about me.
She only cares for herself.. I see that now. I have done so
much for her... cared for her so much.. I still do care for
her. But she has hurt me more than anyone, and I don't want
that pain in my life anymore. It's over... I know it is.
She doesn't care. She just hates me. she told me she
does. "I hate you". as soon as she said that I knew that it
was over for good. I don't understand how she could feel
hatred towards me... the only reason that I can come up
with is that it's easier for her that way.. and she only
wants what's easier for her... she only cares about how
things affect her. She needs to learn that if she's going
to go through life only caring about herself, she's going
to be misserable... she's going to hate herself more than
anybody else. I never felt so used as I did on friday
night... I deserve better. Somebody who can be just as good
to me as I can be to them... I deserve happiness, not this.
Anyway, it's over... and i'm not in love with her anymore.
I love her and adore her. But she doesn't care about me, so
I can not be in love with her, it's just impossible. I've
been crying a fair bit. THE END.

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