The void
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2003-03-09 12:33:46 (UTC)

The Ring

i went to see the ring...oh my god i have never in my
life been scared of a film before. (except maybe the wizard
of oz)but the ring maganged to scare she shite out of me! i
was hiding behind my knees all the way through! bloody
fantastic film though.not buying it on video thats for
sure. it might kill me hehe.
so, i'm trying to think of something half decent to write.
i went to the Drs and the fucking whore was really rude to
us. she was insenstive and refused to listen to what we had
to say. really upset me. as if things aren't bad enough
with my health at the moment. i didn't even get a chance to
ask about my fingers and what the hell is happening to them.
i was hoping to make a formal complaint, but that'll do
more bad than good.
i'm talking to psycho steve. i kinda like him, he may be a
right freak but he's sweet sometimes. has serious mental
issues though. best not to get attached!he's a
bit...psychopathic today.
i best be off now. dawsons creek is on soon (i am not a
creek fan i just get bored on sundays and there's no one

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