mad world
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2003-03-09 09:53:02 (UTC)

sometimes i just cant do everthing

so today was perty cool i guess
first i woke up at like 1 o clock and went and paid the
water bill. woooooooooo. and then i went to the mall to
hang out with joel on his break. ad we got pizza and stuff.
ad i got to the my fav. perso nin the etire world.
w. so i wanted to punch her in the face twice. but yeah. so
then me and kyle and oe of his friends went and got
chinnese and shit and it was pertty fun. then me kyle ad
ahhley went to see bringing down the house.it was pertty
good i guess. its really not my kind of movie. and then we
hug out as his apartment. then i talked to megan ad she was
drunk ad being stupid and depressed ad shit. and kinda put
me i a bad mood becuse robyn was being like that this
morning i just dont see why people cant just accept my
complaments. im just try to be as nice as possible.
so today i get to hang out with robyn. i hope it goes well
i really want to see her

-if you cut me deeper
i wont fell you anymore
so please take my heart
and use it as a tool
to make me

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