Kittys thoughts
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2003-03-09 08:38:21 (UTC)


I dont know what my problem is today,everything was going
just fine, then we went to mountain vista apartments to
fill out credit apts and hold an apartment....I was just
fine till i got home.Then gabes dad was talking to him
telling him that he thinks that we shouldnt do it...Then i
started thinking that there was no way in hell that we
could do it,every month we have no momney but all the
sudden we can afford over $600 in bills.So now Im all
pissy and gabe is pissed at me cuz I dont want to talk
about all of this shit. Well I did get married in
January,the 25th on Codys birthday.And all of this stuff
that i am writting about is about moving into an apartment
that is in victorville. I dont know why I feel the way
that I do but I do, maybe its because I am on my period,I
dont know.Oh and i also found Ty. I dont know if i should
be happy or not.Im kinda scared to here from him,I think
that he might be pissed off at me but Im not sure.I
shouldnt have lost contact with him but me being me I
did,Its been around a year since I last talked to him. Ok
back to the apartment issue....Im also alittle scared
because we will be paying alot in bills every month and in
order to live there we cant get any low income discounts
on our bills,we could be kicked out for it,I think that
its stupped but i dont own the apartments.I am sooooo
pissed right now.I just want to cry but I have no reasons
to cry....well going to go try to find a reason to cry :(

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