Hey this is me..
2003-03-09 08:24:49 (UTC)


Name: ~*JoNiEcE*~ (Jonnie)
Location: The GREAT boring Vancouver
material status~Liking someone! I'll never tell!lol
Hobbies & Interests: I like soccer, and volleyball...Hagin
wit my friends..going to Club Rios! Listenin to music all
kinds! my favorite band is Saliva...Lovin it!
Favorite Gadget:umm my palm pilot...
occupation: ----Skool----
Personal quote: "Hey you"

well thats about it give me some feed back or whatever
ya want or 2 just chatt...well g2g buhbye...

"If no on luvs ya ..i do lol"jk "I dunno u"

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