Randi Lynn

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2003-03-09 04:50:26 (UTC)

Well...im tired now, so ill go..

Well...im tired now, so ill go to bed as soon as im done
wiht this entry. We cleaned today, my mom the kitchen, me
the two bathrooms and then i vacummed the downstairs floors,
my mom was suposed to vacummm the upstaris floors, she never
did, didnt do that well of a job on the kitchen, either. My
nana came to visit for a few hours, she only lives 2 miles
away anyway. *yawns for the 4th time, eyes watering* Ive got
homework i SHOULD do tomorrow. Lets see if i get around to
it, eh? Progess reports are comeing out this coming week. I
slept till 9 this morning. Ill probably sleep later tomorrow
- and i hope i do. Damnit, i wounder if its possible to be a
veterinarian and live on a deserted island. of cours ei wont
need to make aliving with money if i live off the land. And
if i have all the education i need to be a vet, then i could
help the animals on the island if they got hurt, couldnt I?
My future is so damned hard to see, and I know ill never be
able to do whatever i really want to do. Well, i will eb
able to...I just wont. I guess. I dont know, its hard to
tell what ill do in the future. - 11:55 PM