we're headed nowhere.
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2003-03-09 04:35:34 (UTC)

the trains won't stop/

Are they coming from every direction?

There's this branch of the READING RAILROAD that comes to
a crossroads just outside of Kutztown, and there's a place
where the double tracks go under the highway. I like to
sit on the cement ledge there, under the road/bridge, with
tracks instead of water.
There's a field beyond it on one side, with long rows of
green corn planted in the summer, that wave like
water/reaching up into this 'oldtimey' type farm. On the
other side there's a big factory with gates and chains to
keep you out, and smokestacks with rotten, grey air coming
out, and millions of lights at night, so that when you're
driving back from Kutztown after seeing a movie, or buying
records, or getting a sandwich, all you see is this big,
hazy glow in the darkness, with towers and walls and a
serpent road up an empty hill--- it looks like a castle
and the surrounding outbuildings would, if there were
castles here, I guess.

Under the highway there's bird's nests in the cement, and
a steep embankment of weeds and clay dirt, and someone has
written Nirvana lyrics all over the walls, using a soft,
black rock that they probably picked up in the tracks.
If you walk down the tracks there's a lonely baseball
diamond on one side, and a dirt road on the other.
I wrote a paper about the place once/ when I was taking
that english comp course at RACC and we had to do a
descriptive essay on a particular PLACE.

I really hated writing it, though. I don't like describing
places much/or I haven't since about third grade. I'd
rather describe something like burning, or what I think
nerve impulses look like, or somebody's SKIN/or the skin
under your eyes, in your head (yeah you.)

So, the train goes through this crossroads, and they blow
into the dark, so I hear it when they go through/

They're coming.