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2003-03-09 04:00:36 (UTC)


Well, Spring Break '03 was okay. I had a nice time in
Savannah. I'm definitely glad that I didn't go to Savannah
State. I see how people can say that it's boring. You have
no choice other than to be bored. Unlike the "A".....if
you are bored, then it's because you choose to be that
way. There is too much to do around here to be bored. Ya
know! But anyway, I spent a few days at home. I was trying
to get all the info that I need for summer school. I know
I should probably stay up here and do summer school, but
I've decided to go home and go to GMC. I heard the courses
are easy and classes are small. Plus, I was planning on
trying to get a nice lil job somewhere around town and
make some money. Hopefully all things will work out. Sure,
I'm going to be bored outta my mind, but I'll be working
and going to school so hopefully I won't think about it
that much. Who knows! Anyways, I'm ready to finish out my
first year at G State. It's been fairly easy so far. I
think I might try to look for a job until school is over.
My expenses are starting to get a lil too much for my
wallet! Going out every weekend and buying food and drinks
is starting to leave me empty handed. :( I guess that's
just the college life, but I do need money coming in every
two weeks.....or something. I need to build onto my
account, so I won't be slaving trying to do it this
summer. Well, my fingers are starting to hurt. xoxo *J*