Its Me...Like it or Not
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2003-03-09 02:22:03 (UTC)

Its me...Like it or Not

Hey guys -n- gal pals! My name is shannon, formaly known
as "shay"..So before you go on and read this, i figured i
should tell you a lil bit about ME! Im a freshmen at an
awesome high school and im enrolled in certain medical boyfriend status is blank and although I can
certainly change that at anytime, i choose not to. Being
single isnt all that bad anyhow! Im constantly reminded of
reality all thanks to having two younger brothers and loads
of daily homework! I cant forget to mention the huge life
factor of me being A CHRISTIAN, yes i am a
it or not. Thats my motto i think. "im it or not"
hince why I named my journal that. I look at my life the
way I wish most others would and ill tell you what, it
never ceases to amaze me how ignorant some people are..but
anyways! I think i should probably thank my friend jessica
for having a link to creating this journal in her online
aol thanks Jess! well i better get running,
i hope ya like me from whatcha know and if not then make
like a banana and split and if you dont like that you can
either make like tom and cruise or make like a cow and
mooooooove on! luv ya! xoxo ~shan