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2003-03-09 01:04:50 (UTC)


i dont beleive its appropriate to stereotype anti-christians. kerry wouldnt let mark buy the manson cd because it said "antichrist" on it. mark's an athiest. the only thing he sees manson doing is dissing an imaginary being (go mark!) but shes afraid of mark being brainwashed. what the hell??? ive relized in the past few hours how many people i know are actually like my aunt kerry with their attitudes. well they've lost MY faith in them. prohibiting a music lover from listning to good music because some of the lyrics are anti christian? even if that music fan isnt even religious in any way? FUCK YOU ALL! my dad knows god doesnt excist. i can tell. i wish hed just come out with it. i was finally able to do so. he claims to be catholic. hahahahahaha. i hate when my dad stereotypes teenagers. he thinks were hormone possesed individuals longing for a label, a purpose, and a particular image. its hard to believe at one time he was teenage. great now im thinking about jeffery johnson. he was completly dissing athiests and im gonna slap that fat fuck the next time he does it. sorry jeffery but some of us dont beleive in imaginary beings. im just so pissed off at society right now. why are people so ignorant??? is it a lack of brain cells i mean come on! stop all the stereotypical attitudes, please. if you want to be jewish, christian, islam, satonist, thats fine with me. i accept you as id accept anyone else. if you find comfort in having religious beleifs and are faithful people because of it, then...right on. i respect you. but i think all people should study what theyre beleiving in. meaning, review their religions and if there is anything they dont like about it, convert to somthing else damnit. and dont be a catholic or jew or whatever cuz mommy and daddy were, do it because thats what you feel fits your beleifs. theres no way in hell im going to my cousins party tonight. i dont want to hang out with a bunch of drunken 40 year olds, even if my uncle rob is cool. listning to: personality crisis by new york dolls. mood: expressive.

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