REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-03-09 00:45:38 (UTC)

Allied Health

hey..i didnt get into allied health. im kinda glad though cuase i
didnt wanna go anyway!...but my aprents did thats why i tried out.
im also glad that i didnt get in because i didnt want ta have to
live with the guilt of not going! day is so crummy. i was suppossed
to go to the abtting cages wit heather tomarrow and now she cant go
cause her dad has something planned already. Then asked reno to come
and she cant cause shes ognna be in Stanted islan. Now i
have to one to go with!!!!! who wants to come! lol just
amke sure you can acutally play softball. omg this is
gay/. Well atleast i have my brother! lol thats good
enough. Try outs are in a week. i wish heather or reno
could come....well i knwo where im havin my party this
year fer my birthday. Im goin to take a few friends to sha
stadium to see the mets play the braves!! dam straight
baby! yea and you gotta be a mets fan and no friggen gay
ass comment about them other iwse ima leave you in ny
haha. ok...well im gonna go cause this day sucked and all
i did was eat and watch blue crush like 20 million times!
i have no life i swear ta God..