my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-03-09 00:37:15 (UTC)


Wow i am so slacking off... but also i haven't really had
time to write. Busy... ahh.... But Hey!! The church is
having a teen revival and thats great we're gonna have such
fun. Im doing biology homework *arg* i hate boilogy. well i
like it better then ANY math(except like 1-5th grade math.
lol) i so should have done it sooner but i haven't been
able to get up here to use dads comp so.... arg.
procrastination at its best. i would have today btu i was
babysitting and then i was washing stephs car and working
in the yard. i can't wait till its warm enough for shorts n
tank tops and i can start mowing in a 2 piece and get a
nice tan(a moderatly healthy one i might add) and start
planting flowers... ah how great warmness will be! but for
now i will go so i can finish my bio homework. bye

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