Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
2003-03-09 00:12:22 (UTC)

Day Left ALone

today, not a rgeat day. 1st i had a migraine all day and was
horribly sick. that caused me not to see ballz today.
speaking of her, i wrote something last entry, something true. but
i am getting bitched at now for it:
"i remember the 1st time i ever saw lindsey, when she
walked into my 5th hour, physical science class. hair up,
face down, books rapped in arms. her last name is helms, so
the teacher sat her next to me. i have loved her ever since
then, even now, my fingers type this very word w/ love for
her going threw me."---just quite simply that is making me loose
almost all my friends. no one seems to of read what i wrote about
christine.... i speak my mind in a diary. i am so fucking sorry for
doing that, but its what i think should be done. if u dont wana read
it DONT! and if u do, dont critisize me on what i do write... i am ot
pissed off to type, i will write about it later