Sometimes.. I need to hide from everyone
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2003-03-09 00:10:31 (UTC)

They're gonna rip it up

Okay, I weigh about 128. I lost 2 pounds. Isn't that great?
I don't really care. Stephanie's a smart person. I may
bitch about her, but like, i never mean it. It's just the
mood I get in.

So. I finally love myself. Took me a while. I'll never be
perfect. So I can look at myself and then spend my life
trying to change everything, or I can look at me and be
like, "Hell.. At least I have a face.." because.. it'd be
weird.. to not.. have a face.. lol. sorry.

Seven Nation Army is on the radio. I can watch TV, listen
to music, and type all at the same time. It's all good. I
used to freak out Karen and Brittany. Yep. It's losing
type. I dunno. I'm so bored. I want pizza. No, I don't want
any food. That guy's hott. Another reason to bleed.

I'm really happy right now. I dunno why. My ears are
starting to hurt. Oops. Winstonman18 [11:19 PM]: she wont
Nicmaz4 [11:20 PM]: that's because she's cool
Nicmaz4 [11:20 PM]: i'm gonna go far away one day
Winstonman18 [11:20 PM]: thats good
Nicmaz4 [11:20 PM]: yep
Nicmaz4 [11:21 PM]: have you seen AI?
Winstonman18 [11:21 PM]: al???????
Nicmaz4 [11:22 PM]: ai
Winstonman18 [11:22 PM]: no
Nicmaz4 [11:24 PM]: everyone hates me today
Winstonman18 [11:24 PM]: whats knew
Nicmaz4 [11:24 PM]: not much
Winstonman18 [11:25 PM]: i se
Nicmaz4 [11:25 PM]: i'm gonna start being mean
Winstonman18 [11:26 PM]: start???? lol
Nicmaz4 [11:26 PM]: lol
Winstonman18 [11:26 PM]: hey i got to go ill talk to you
later bye my nikole
Nicmaz4 [11:26 PM]: peace

I don't know. I like him a lot. Oh well. People like me.
lol. They best. Or I'll kill 'em.