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2003-03-08 20:10:42 (UTC)

I feel like shit about a guy and I need help

Ok I was going out with this guy for like a week and then
he dumped me because it was not the right time for him. But
he says he still cares for me and loves me all that shit.
Well last night I meet him and we where all close and shit.
Later he kissed me. But he had to go so it was my friend,
me and 4 other guys and so we were so bored that we went up
to this tree and played a game and I had to makeout with 2
of the guys. But now like I went behide my exs back and did
that and I stell like my ex and i have feelings for him and
I no he has fellings for me. What should I do.

P.S. this is what I said about him, There is something I
have to say, but I can't say it. I want something to happen
but it won't and never will. It is going to hurt for along
time and not go away. I just need something SO! bad that I
pray it will happen, but it will never happen. I cry about
it and I will for a long time. It is so sad that I do this,
but I do it. I can't stop thinking about it. It keeps going
throw my mined. I just wish it will happen, I do so bad. I
cry so much but I just don't show it. People don't no how
bad I want this. So bad I would do just about anything I
could. To make it work. I would give up all I could for it.
That is how bad I want this and I all ways will.

Ok well last week I went back out with my mistake guess what I got
dumped! What a dum shit I am! And he said he went out with me because
he felt sorry I want to kill him I do I really DO! But the bad thing
is I think i still like him I mean we are friends maybe I just like
him like that but maybe I don't this sucks. I keep thinking about him
I just want to stop!

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