SuGaR RuSh
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2003-03-08 19:36:44 (UTC)

its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

hey y'all...i was just down in south side...I LOVE IT DOWN
THERE!!!!! and starbucks loves me...they told me *giggle* i
relized 2day that i neeeeed 2 start lookin 4 prom dresses i
NEED to..i moment please i need 2 count... 81
days 2 find a ENOUUGH TIMEEE!....god my
pants r 2 tight...gosh i need 2 find shoes 2...and how i
want my nails dun and my hair cuz i dunno if the kid i like
would look good w/ my dress w/e i pick it out ahhh ....i
wanna listen 2 no doubt..i miss them kids' they r good
ppl...i have a new goal...this is gunna b gunna
get not fatt so i can get my belly button pierced...cuz i c
all these rings and they r so cute and i wanna wear
emmmmmmmmm! well now...i need 2 go work on my marilyn

"your love is like candy"