Welcome to own demise
2003-03-08 19:09:08 (UTC)

inbetween us

blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so tomorrow is the show...... and i
have no idea if im goin or not.. grrrr. im supposed to be
getting my tattoo today... lets see if it happens. i went
to a party last night, it wasnt too bad, actually it was
pretty decent. it was the 1st party i went to completely
sober in a while, and i still had lots of fun. met this
hott ass guy.... goes to von stuben. or however its
spelled, and this kid i used to go to school with who i
had a crush on my freshman year was flirtin with me and
whatnot, i felt so pretty..
i got home at like 2:30 last night./.... im debating
whether or not i shouold have my bday party. since my dad
broke up with kim hell have nothing to do but chill at hoe
during it, and i dont know if i want that to happe, i wish
someone would throw a party next weekend so i dnt have to
have one. id much rather go to a party and dance and have
fun than have one here. i think imma call annie right now
see is she even answers her phone. man i hate when people
avoid me. makes me feel real shitty. im hungry but theres
nothin to eat. i think imma walk over tot he tannin place
and tan today..... maybe later this afternoon. oh phones
ringing...... eh im not answering it, its not for me
anywas. ok well imma get goin i guess ill write more when
theres more to write.