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2003-03-08 18:45:10 (UTC)


..yah i dont really know why i am writing in this jornal
thingy but oh well i got nothing beter to do :-/ so
yesterday was a pretty shitty day i was dead tired the
whole day at school and then i come home and my plans for
the nite got fucked up but oh well jamie ended up comin
over and we just hung out at my house it was fun :-) lol
we made lots of pancakes and watched my mother's murder :-
O GREAT movie let me tell u now today..once again
my plans got fucked up..i love when people ditch me :-D oh
well made new plans me and caree are gonna go out
to dinner and then go back to her house and figure out
something to do:-P who knows tho..hopefully tonite will be
fun..:-/ well lol i really got nothing else to say?? so

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