my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-03-08 18:23:17 (UTC)

head ache's

i didnt get up till 12 it was so nice. i woke up at like 7
and went up stars and got a drink and came back to bed...
watched tv for a half an hr and then fell asleep again.
and i made a pizza and sat at the table with ,my mom while
she was doing paper work. i fuigered out how much all my
work stuff cost.... aghhh like $185. fucking A!!! i hate
how much eveything costs. and ummm yeah i painted my nails
so they look some what presentable. and i have a pounding
head ache. i dont know why but it wont go away. i took
like 4 advil and ughhh they didnt work. and ass hole is so
rude to all my friends when they call and he trys saying
that he isnt. what ever. we have cable in the kitchen now.
it is a fucking merical. i have to work at 5 tonight and i
wanna hang out with maria but i think she is mad at me or
something. she said she wasent but i dont know. ummm i
need to go tanning but my mom like refuses to bring me.
gerrr. i wanna ask johny boy but i think he feels like i
use him for rides. hummm? i dont know. so school yesterday
was so shitty. i was just in a fucked up mood. i felt like
i was all fucked up or something. i like couldent
function. everyone thoguht i was high. it was weired. and
umm matt got 1/2 day of ISS for the naked pic of the girl
in our locker. i am trying to take the blame for it cuz i
put it up. he was glad i am taking the blame he thought it
was pretty kewl of me and jen. i dont know it is kinda
fucking rediculous cuz it wasent even that bad some
fucking spanish teacher said she felt it was sexual
harassment.. damn spelling. so yeah we have to deal with
that whole situation on monday. my sis is in amsterdam and
some one broke into there hotel room and stole there cell
phones and daes timbuck2. that is practicly here purce. it
is fucking shitty but what are ya gonna do. they have been
visiting the coffee shops regularly and iwish i was there.
but i guess they arr having fun and all. i dont know when
they are coming back. i cant wate to talk to her. ok i
thinki am gonna go b/c there is no one to talk to and
yeah. im out.
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