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2003-03-08 18:03:51 (UTC)

what makes me feel this way...

band concert last night, we of course got straight
superiors..whoo.. now we have to get ready for states.
after the concert, we didn't even back to the school until
11!, well some people, (me, katie m, lauren (not my wife),
julie, grace, vanessa, brian and later brandon), all went
to steak in shake, it was fun. had some laughs. alot of
laughs. well got home at like 1230ish, overall the night
was fun. during the day however... it sucked. i forgot my
book at home (very good read) and happned to have alot of
tme to read so i was disappointed, i got a really bad
grade on a math test, and people were acting weird. so the
night definately made my friday better. today i called my
dad and he said me and peter get to go to las vegas for
SKA SUMMIT 2003!!!! (The Toasters, Reel Big Fish, Rx
Bandits, Mustard Plug, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Big D and the
kids table, forces of evil...) anyway that made me and
peter extremely happy!!! rock out yo

things are clearing up... a certain friendship is
definately growing back and really strong i might add. He
is going through shit and luckily he remembered i stuck by
his side even though we dont communicate much inperson or
at school. so i'm glad that lately he's actually started
aim conversations with me....lol...here's the story behind
that...i always have to talk to him first or start the
conversation, and lately he's actually started it first,
which is really cool. so i'm in a pretty good mood. on
friday (it's sat. now) i leave for a week on some stupid
bike (not motorcycle...but bicycle) trip thing that goes
across florida and people camp each night... me and
brandon are helping out and getting paid so it'll be fun.

hopefully everything will be all good until then.

21 days until SKA SUMMIT 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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