we're headed nowhere.
2003-03-08 16:42:56 (UTC)

i have to piss like a racehorse

and the bathroom is occupied.

The light looks warm outside, but I can't really tell for
sure. It's supposed to be warm today. I bitch about the
weather at all times of the year, but I guess I bitch
about it least in the Spring, so I'm looking forward to a
(hopefully) less-bitchy next few months.
I think I look forward to April more for its scent than
its temperature, really. You know, when the air smells
like every other year & there's something in it that ties
you into the whole cycle of seasons. (At the risk of
sounding overly EARTHY.) It smells like that every year,
and every year it's the nostalgia of the scent that brings
you back and makes you remember/like when I drink certain
sodas and the flavor and the way the carbonation fizzes
takes me back to that one specific time; hovering in
isolation, or wrapped in a box somewhere; and thinking
about it makes you sad, but the fact that it's THERE, and
it's AVAILABLE to make you sad is really wonderful, so you
breathe in the air more deeply, till everything in your
lungs is encompassed by IT, (whatever IT is) or you hold
the carbonation& the chemicals on your tongue, and around
your teeth, and each cells soaks the memory up.

Well I'm the queen of convoluted sentences.

Everybody keeps talking about how the world is big/ and
it's not at all. The world is big, but only in condensed
sort of way. You know it's big because you're tired of
travel, but in the end it turns out to be more like a
marble than anything else.

And now I'm going to go pee/