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2003-03-08 16:18:06 (UTC)

Friday afternoon/night

Yesterday afternoon after school, my high school/eighth
grade band class went to the FBA (Florida Bandmaster's
Asociation Festival). We left a little before 2:30 and were
soon on our way to Lakewood Ranch High School. Mr. Bradley,
the band teacher, rode on the same bus with me. And get
this! He called the bus driver an a**whole! On our way
there, my bus watched Osmisis Jones which turned out to be
an okay movie. Soon after we arrived and warmed up, we went
on the stage and performed. Then we left and went into the
sight reading room. After that we were given papers and a
pencil. We had BAND FCAT! We were going to listen to 3 bands
and grade them like the judges then turn in the papers. But
since Sarasota High dropped out, we went outside to eat
dinner but all the concession stand was selling was sodas
and junk food. So since we had an hour before we had to go
back in, Mr. Bradley took us all to McDonalds to eat. So
when we got back, we listened and judged Lakewood Ranch High
School. The first school we had listened to had been
Pineview High School. Then we came back home and saw a whole
lot of charter buses because, apparently, our school was
hosting a type of festival for chorus! So I was really tired
when I got home, but I was happy to have gone. The only
problem was that I had Zach sitting behind me in the