Just another FSU nole
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2003-03-08 15:49:49 (UTC)

Spring Break in a Diserted College Town

Anyway, sorry it has taken a while for me to update this
thingy, but my computer connection has been down the past
week. Let me tell don't realize how much you
use the computer and the internet until your ether net
goes down. Anyway everything is back up and running so
it's all good. Anyway it's Saturday and the start of our
spring break here at Florida State. All of my friend's
went with their bf's/gf's and are going to the beach or
going to padre island and lots of other cool places while
lucky me is stuck here. My parents offered to pay for a
plane or bus ticket so that I could go home, but I really
don't want them spending money right now, because my dad
just lost his job and with the economy being shit right
now I rather them be conservitive and let my wants take a
back seat. I also have to be studying for the MCAT which
is coming up in about a month and a half. But that is
another story of worry. Anyway, I will try to explain the
details of my boring life later tonite...right now I feel
like sleeping and listening to some soft music. Hehe I
sound like a fruit cake. peace.