Restless Comet Diary
2003-03-08 15:38:50 (UTC)

WoooooooooRuxy's back:)

Hey! I'm back after such a long time.The truth is there
were some horrible days..but everything it's past now.
I can't believe I got the 3rd place at the romanian
language contest..Wow.I was really happy when I found out
and I can't wait to see my teacher's face on Monday.I think
he will be preety happy too even if I doubt he'll show
it.But I'm still thinking of a good explanation for the 2 I
got at Math.I think I'll just tell him the truth.It wasn't
all my fault I was just laughing a bit and the teacher
*bang* wrote that dang 2.
Today I went "shopping" with my grandma.I say "shopping"
because she only bought 1L of milk...The shop was all
stuffed with yummy food and sweets:D~
They gave us a flower because today is 8
March,international women's day.My grannie was also really
upset because my grandpa didnt even notice about the
day..he didnt even say "happy women's day"...I think he got
used with staring at the tv and eating and now nothing else
bothers him.
Everything is ok...except for the fact grannie wanted to
throw Nahnu.Nahnu is my aloe vera baby plant....lucky I was
there to rescue him hehe.She said that's an useless
plant.But that useless plant is mine and I love it....
Since she doesnt let me have any animals around she should
just have lil respect for my plant.
So..these days I'm just wandering around.On monday I
think I'll go to the library (again)I like that place.I can
find lots of interesting books and it's such a
silence.....can find out and read anything I want.Ladies
there are not very nice but they started to know me so they
are not that unkind anymore.