My Gay Misadventures
2003-03-08 07:24:16 (UTC)

Ugh...some birthday...more like "eh. you still suck"-day

Well, for the record, the last log was writtin like at
3am...Here is how the actual day went; shitty. It started
bad in which I woke up at 2pm...my mom was yellin at me or
sumffin, and i jumped out of bed (was havin a bad dream
too) And when I get up too fast, I get a headache; but it
saved itself for later. i dont remember what i did when I
woke up, I think I played FFX for a couple of hours, then
took a shower. thats when the headach made a guest
appearance. My sisters left a happy birthday message on my
voice mail, and mom said it before she took her nap. Yvonne
came home and woke up Sugar, appearntly they were taking me
out for dinner. I hadn't eatin all day. this was like
around 5pm now. We went to some buffet, and i ate a lil
bit, my headach was goin into overdrive. I got home, no
messages. I played FFX for a few more hours. 8pm rolls
around. Seeing how no one seemed to call or anything, I
decided to call the bastards. No one was home. Around this
time, headach evolves into Migrane. So aside from a few
online online folk. No one remembered. I wanted to go out
tonight soooo bad. Oh...and about that Ice-cream place I
applied for, Turns out its called "The New Yorker
Burrito"...What in gay hell was I thinkin!!! anyway, im
applying anyway. Its 1am again, and im home alone, again.
It sucks being Fate's bitch. but someone's gatta do it.

(I'v noticed I made a lot of fragment sentances in this
log...ack! what the-?! Since when did I care about my
grammer!?...damn...being old sucks...for the record, I had
a sore neck and hip all day too...>end of bitching