My ONly desire
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2003-03-08 07:11:11 (UTC)

World Of Confusion

Dear Megan,
Hi! Toinight i went to this one club thing
called "The Cave" it was pretty cool. a band called
Sinzenemy played there...they'r hott lol. especially Adam.
then this guy Tommy talked or preached to us...and he sais
some pretty good things. then he had an alter call i know
your hopeing that im coming up with good news saying hey i
finally gave it all to god but its nothing like that i
actually didnt...i didnt believe it and im not shur. thers
just something holding me back...u know wut i mean. im shur
u do you've been through it before
Im at my friend Kitty's house right now...:) im
styaing the night and we've been up for a long time talking
and stufff...its been cool..we watched a little of "The
nightmare before Xmas" i like jack he's awesome.
Ok well not to much to talk about...
Much Love