tyler D's sex hole
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2003-03-08 05:18:56 (UTC)

Mu-mu-mu Myyy Mellissa

ok i have been gone awhile but with good reason. after
discovering that even with a condom on one can get some
awful unattractive diseases. so i have toned down my rate
of new women consumption. the old rotation's been good but
recently downtown i met a girl at a club. she's a blond
with a kickin body. and our courtship was fucking crazy.
1st off, the first night we met we stayed out until around
6am. and since she lives in tampa (which is like an hour
and a half from Orlando) so she asked to crash at my place.
i was like FUCK YEAH! she got in my bed and was topless and
in a g-string, i start feeling her up and go for a kiss but
she's not down! she says she's a good girl and won't kiss
someone the 1st time she meets them and certainly won't
have sex! so i figure i have been used for a place to crash
and i turn away from her and go to sleep. i see her off in
the morning and she makes the move to make out. so she
calls me all week and we got out 3 more times and each time
she sleeps over and we don't have sex. then i say Fuck it,
i ask if she wants to be exclusive, she's down and we
fucked all weekend. so now she's my girlfriend, and i
really just agreed to exclusivity bc she was driving me
insane with blue balls, now i realize she is very cool to
habg with and the sex is amazing. no joke she has the
tightest pussy i have ever had. but here's something odd
she hates it when i say the word pussy. i guess i'm just
not used to sheltered country girls. oh and get this at the
age of 20 she has only been with 3 guys! and they were all
long term relationships! maybe i'm a slut but wow a girl
that hot so unexperienced? it's crazy! man thank god if i
was a hot chick i'd be such a slut. so i think i'll give
this whole girlfriend thing a try. she's very kinky so i'll
still have much to report but i had to report this
occurence. girls never cease to amaze me. oh and to all
that have been posting comments thanks it's so great to
hear i am not alone in the world.